Once a month Science Club

We meet one Saturday a month
Different batches for different standards
Each turn is one topic
Topics are chosen according to the age

– Sr. kg and 2nd
–  3rd to4th 
– 5th  to 6th

Each topic is taught under following headings :
1. Discussion of the topic
2. Experiments related to the topic
3. Making models based on the topic
4. Worksheets
5. Audio visuals
6. Quizzes
7. Handout Notes to each child specially made for them

These sessions will help them
1. To get their basics cleared
2. Fundamental learning about the topic
3. Will make school science easy
4. Will help them for competitive science exams
5. Will make science fun and enjoyable to them

To see topics go to our programs section
Where you will see topics for the ongoing term
Standard wise