Harry Potter summer club ! 2 books of Potter 

1. Prisoner of Azkaban 📰🔍🕵️‍♂️

2. Goblet of 🔥 fire 

Potter lovers there is an amazing time astore  for you 

Things to be done in this workshop –

1. Two Harry Potter books explored together across 7 days whoooooo!!!!!

2. Lots of fun activities planned for each day 

3. Creative fun always a part

4. Treats and movie 🍿 🎥 adds to the potter fun 

5. Roleplays and skits make it interactive and 

alive ! 

6. Creative writing and vocab always a part of it 

7. Harry Potter  quizzes make it exciting !

8. Potter board game time adds to the fun ! 

FAQ : 

Why Harry Potter books ?

 They are excellent fiction books for kids 

Helps them to create and learn about a world of 

Fantasy , which helps them to think and write

In an imaginative way , definitely helps

In their creative and imaginative genre of writing !

They are JK Rowling’s masterpieces 

Why a Potter  workshop ?

The workshop brings the books alive 

It makes them enact , interact , role play

Which helps them to enjoy the books even better ! 

Fantasy with skits is super fun !!!! 

Why a group activity ?

It’s team building , skits with a group gives them 

A different type of confidence ! 

Learning from each other and also having a good time 

My kid has read all Potter books ?

Oh that’s great ! Now he or she will explore different facets of the books with role plays , 

Extract of the books brought alive , fun activities 

Games and quizzes !

My kid has just started Potter reading ?

Welcome to Potter world !

Your child will be enthralled then by this series and the workshop

In short all will enjoy and learn ! 

So enroll as we want to keep it  a small cozy potter group so limited seats ! Enrollments on and potter doors will shut soon ! 

Grab onto your wizard’s cloak 🧙‍♂️ and 🎩 

And be ready to follow the Marauder’s 🗺 map 

And enjoy the Wizarding  world 🌍 

As Sirius Black escapes and also enjoy 

The Triwizard Tournament together !! 

For Std : 3 to 7

Dates : Batch 1 : 16 th April to 21 st April 

Monday to Saturday 

Time :5.00 pm to 8.00 pm 

Batch 2: 1 st May to 8 th May 

(Excluding 5 th and 6 th- sat/sun) 

10.30 am to 1.30 pm

At : FunScience and Book club 

Conducted by : Dr Shonali Rathi 

( who has conducted potter and science workshops since 

Years )