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Special Themed Workshops:


These are done intermittently throughout the year and they are mainly theme based 1 day ,2 day or 5 day workshops. They are really cool extracurricular activities to keep kids learning outside the classroom

These workshops are in 2 Phases :

  • Regular workshops
    Summer workshops

Regular workshops : are generally on Sundays perfect for kids staying at a distance too.

Some of our past workshops have been on :

  • All about Mumbai for kids
  • Gandhiji- Father of the nation
  • Country based workshops so that kids understand the diverse culture and living- Egypt workshop,China workshop have been done in the past and kids have loved these
  • Economics for kids
  • Civilization workshops- Indus valley has been done with kids
    Important festival themed – Ganesha, Diwali, Xmas, Halloween,
  • Janmashtami and many other festival theme workshops have been done and many more to come in near future
  • Electronic engineering for kids
  • Software engineering for kids
  • Biology for higher grades


Few FAQ’s:

1. How frequently does the child have to attend?

Only once a month – one Saturday of the month

2. Does one have to pay monthly?

As everything needs planning, enrollments happen for 6 months. Every April we enroll for the 1st Term- June  to November(for Jr. kg to 3 rd) -May to November (for 4th to Higher Grades)

Similarly second Term enrollments happen in October – for December to April

2nd Term

3. How does one pay ?


  • By Cash at our Center
  • Online details for payment: