1. These workshops are generally 1 or 2 days workshops.

  2. Aim is to take up topics and themes which will enhance the knowledge of kids and make them worldly wise !

  3. “Eyes will see only what the mind knows ” So we also conduct field trips to unique places and experiences.

  4. Role plays and dramatization sometimes for few workshops helps to bring in a fun element and also boosts their confidence to emote in a group.

  5. We have had theme based workshops in the past ranging from History , Geography , Politics , Economics , Science, Language and about world leaders to name a few, where kids have attended them and taken back learnings and memories for a lifetime.

These workshops help them to:

  1. Increase their knowledge and fundamentals

  2. Helps them in their Gk quizzes and Olympiads

  3. Helps them to be worldly wise in any group discussion anywhere

  4. You could have a look at some of our past workshops in the program section and gallery

Few Special Themed Workshops conducted by us are:

– Indus Valley Civilization 

– Blood and Cardiovascular system workshop

– Harry Potter Mystery

– Tree Walk with kids

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