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Science Club:


Fun Science Club was started in January 2010 to encourage kids to explore world of Science .We engage kids in ways that can be transformational and inspire them to be young scientists!

Science can be fun when kids get to understand different topics by :

  • Science experiments
  • Science discussions
  • Model making
  • Audio visuals
  • Science worksheets
  • Quiz Sessions


Age group – from Jr. Kg to 8th standards

Few FAQ’s:

1. How frequently does the child have to attend?

Only once a month – one Saturday of the month

2. Does one have to pay monthly?

As everything needs planning, enrollments happen for 6 months. Every April we enroll for the 1st Term- June  to November(for Jr. kg to 3 rd) -May to November (for 4th to Higher Grades)

Similarly second Term enrollments happen in October – for December to April

2nd Term

3. How does one pay ?


  • By Cash at our Center
  • Online details for payment: