Amritsar For Kids !

India has such beautiful places to visit .Every time,we think of a vacation locale ,we always try and pick an Indian place as each part of India has it’s own story.This Diwali vacation we picked Amritsar . Being a family with 2 kids elder son and younger daughter ,10 and 7 ,we always tailor make our trips keeping in mind their interests . This write up hope it helps anyone with kids to plan their vacation to the amazing city of Punjab “Amritsar”

Top 10 things to do with kids when visiting Amritsar !

1.Golden Temple : Amritsar- as the name  suggests AMRIT- POOL OF NECTAR , sar- sarovar ,that’s the Amrut Sarovar on the banks of which is the beautiful Harmandir Sahib – The Golden Temple which goes hand in hand when one thinks of Amritsar.It’s a place which should be visited by night and day .At night it sparkles like  GOLDEN JEWEL with night sky as the background .Do reach there after a nice Punjabi dinner in any of the restaurants so that the kids are happy and cheerful. Aroung 8.30 pm there should be a good time to reach .Would advise Indian wear as one has to cover one’s head , carry something to cover or can always buy it there too. It’s a lovely visit and a lifetime memory ! Cherish it ,pray and enjoy !

A morning visit after breakfast would give another view of the Golden temple .You can also go inside the Gurudwara . The only hitch is there is a long line sometimes so one has to have a little patience . Parents with very small kids can skip it but if you can go inside its worth it as one can see the beauty of this holy place .The golden temple wasn’t golden when it was made ,it was made of normal material. The gold was given by Maharaja RANJIT Singh who did a lot for Amritsar .The Langar inside is a miracle ! It’s amazing to see how they function with such order and dedication feeding hundreds of people free of cost ! One can even go and visit the kitchen and see how methodically ladies and men make rotis, sabji ,clean the vessels and how blissful it is .kids enjoyed the visit and loved the yummy Prasad at the end.

2.Jallianwala Baug: Each one of us have read the “Jallianwala Baug Massacre” in our History textbooks  when troops of the British Army under the command of General Dyer fired machine guns into a crowd of unarmed Indian protestars, along with Baisakhi pilgrims who had gathered in the baug.This place is a must visit ! it brings back memories of the brutal event ,narrow exit,bullet hit wall, the well where in martyrs gave up their lives ,the memorial now that stands tall in memory of the brave countrymen! it would not take more than an hour here .It is next to the Golden temple so after the morning trip can be easily done.

the bullet wall with deadly bullet holes reminding us of the ghastly day


3. Wagha Border ! Yes how can one miss this !

The Indo Pak harmony seen here with slogans, patriotic songs,the friendly hand shake of the soldiers from both sides ! Not to be missed for sure!

Tips ! a)It’s a crowded place, so with kids try and be there by 3.00 pm to get a good place to sit.

b) Mobiles are shut off in terms of network so keep that in mind

c)Cameras are allowed.

d) Do carry hat/cap/sunglasses if travelling in summers

e) Hand bags are not allowed so will have to keep it in your vehicle or hotel

f) The parade starts at 5.00 pm .It lasts for an hour. It’s over by 6.00 pm

ITS WORTH IT ! Do not miss it wagha border parade !

4. Sadda Pind ! 

Great place to experience the rural Punjab ! It’s a Village Resort . It comes on the way from the Wagha border so ideal place to go for dinner and liesure as you finish seeing the parade.

Friendly, rustic,colourful Punjab,mud houses, lassi being churned, charpais, artisans making Phulkari dupattas, women singing soulful memories,Bhangra and loads of Punjabi flavour


enjoying some Phulkari embroidery

When In Punjab be a Punjabi ! kids enjoyed seeing the turban tying session


5. Partition Museum :

The only Partition Museum of the Country. Newly opened .

location : Town hall ,Amritsar

It shows all the Pre and post partition Era . A must visit for kids, as explains them many incidences,events and happenings which they will study in history and in general ought to know about their country in a pictoral way with loads of posters, news pieces, models, audio visuals . From Gandhi,Bhagat Singh, Partition of Mumbai, Migration of people due to partition, division of Bengal,formation of Bangladesh, quit india movement, Simon go back ,the independance night, many such memories are shown and depicted here

It is shut on Mondays

Time to be kept in mind : around 2 hours to see it properly

Photography is not allowed inside .

6 .Ranjit Singh Museum : History of “Great Ranjit Singh” who fought for the Sikhs and India ,

who was a brave warrior, a great king, who became one at a very young age but was truely “Lion of Punjab”

His life is depicted here with excellent dioramas ! kids will enjoy them,learn about him and these are self explanatory as each diorama has an explanation below .



7. Gobindhgarh fort : A historic fort located in the center of the city of Amritsar. It was earlier occupied by the army but now is open to the public.

Somehow not known by all, this was the highlight of our visit and kids will enjoy in this palce a lot .

It is a unique live museum as a repository of Punjab’s history

In it are :

  1. Spirit of Punjab- lot of Folk dances of Punjab from Bhangra ,Gidda to Gatka every day
  2. 7 D show – which kids will love and learn from- life of Ranjit Singh in 7 D
  3. WHISPERING WALLS- is a show using state of art projection mapping technologies and laser lights .A show of this quality has never been shown pan India and will certainly take your breath away .This show has a voice over by Mr Kabir Bedi. Happens in the evening after 6.30 pm .There is Punjabi and English show each day


8. Ranjit Vilas Hotel : This is the hotel we stayed in .

One can choose any other hotel or home stay that one’s budget allows.We loved this warm,quaint,rustic place which was heaven for antique furniture and objects

kids enjoyed playing chess with the royal chess set,gorged on kebas,mushroom tikkas and pakodas from their evening high tea cart, loved the Punjabi food they had,as it was Diwali time- enjoyed an open air buffet under the Diwali sky .

clean rooms, amazing ambience ,food and stay




 9. Punjab farm visit and Tractor ride :The hotel also helped us arrange a tractor ride to the farm where kids enjoyed spotting a king fisher ,seeing a scarecrow, spotted a heron in flight, walked through the lush green farms and rode on a bullock cart ! Rural feel with loads of greenery !



10. Amritsari food and shopping – 

lots of phulkari work dupattas,sarees,stoles

amritsari juttis

small souvenirs for near and dear ones

gorging on chole bhature, lassi,parathas,kulfis at many of the restaurants and dhabbas !

We surely brought back beautiful memories from our  trip to Amritsar .Kids loved each and every moment of it

hope these tips help you plan your visit to Amritsar with kids !!!

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